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  • What are social media templates?
    Social media templates are pre-designed layouts for various types of content, such as posts, stories, and graphics, that you can customize and use on your social media platforms.
  • How can I use these templates?
    Using our templates is easy. Simply download the template you want, customize it with your own content and branding, and then post it on your social media accounts.
  • Do I need any special software to edit these templates?
    No, you don't. Most of our templates are compatible with commonly used graphic design software like Canva, which offers a free version. You can edit them directly in your web browser.
  • Are all the templates available on the free version of Canva?
    No, you do not need a Canva Pro account. Our templates are designed to be used with the free version of Canva, making them accessible to all subscribers. Some templates may have premium elements that you can delete or change with free elements inside of Canva.
  • Are there templates available for different social media platforms?
    Yes, we offer templates tailored for various platforms, including Instagram & Facebook.
  • Can I modify the colors, fonts, and images in the templates to match my brand?
    Yes, our templates are fully customizable. You can adjust colors, fonts, images, and any other elements to align with your brand identity.
  • Do you provide support if I have trouble customizing or using the templates?
    Of course! We offer customer support to assist you with any questions or issues you may encounter while using our templates. Fill out our contact form or send us an email at
  • Are these templates regularly updated with new designs?
    Yes, we strive to keep our template library fresh and up-to-date with new designs and trends in social media marketing. Our monthly social media & marketing templates are updated every month.
  • Can I suggest specific template designs or features?
    Absolutely! We value your feedback and suggestions. If you have ideas for new templates or features, please feel free to reach out to us, and we'll consider your input in our future updates.
  • When can I expect the monthly social media and marketing templates to be available?
    We aim to post the templates no later than the 28th of every month. We are actively working to get them posted by the 26th to provide you with more time for planning and customization.
  • What is included in the monthly subscription?
    With our $20 monthly subscription, you gain access to our completed downloadable library of templates including a full month's worth of social media templates, complete with images and captions, ready to use on your social media platforms, monthly marketing campaigns, email templates, business cards, newsletters, Instagram highlights, and more.
  • How does billing work for the first month, and when will subsequent charges occur?
    For the first month, your subscription fee will be prorated based on when you sign up. Starting from the second month, all subscription charges will occur on the first day of each month.
  • How can I access and use the templates?
    Click on the green Log In/Sign Up button on the bottom right corner. There you can Create an Account. Fill out the form and add your credit card information. Once you have subscribe, you can access the templates and customize them in Canva, using your own branding and content.
  • Can I share my login and password with others?
    No, sharing login credentials is not allowed. Your subscription is for individual use only, and sharing violates our terms of service.
  • Are there any restrictions on the use of the templates?
    Yes, our subscription comes with limited use. You can use the templates for your personal or business social media accounts, but redistribution, resale, or sharing with non-subscribers is strictly prohibited.
  • Can I cancel my subscription at any time?
    Absolutely! You have the flexibility to cancel your subscription at any time without any cancellation fees. You can do this through your account settings on our platform.
  • Are there any additional fees besides the $20 monthly subscription?
    No, the $20 monthly fee covers your access to the templates and any updates we make during your subscription period. There are no hidden charges.
  • What to do if you forgot your login email address?
    Open your login form Click the 'Forgot Email' link: Fill out the form and click 'Request help now': Wait for the site's support to contact you for help.
  • What to do if you forgot your password?
    Open your login form and click 'Forgot password?': Fill in the form and click 'Send me reset instructions' at the bottom: Open the Password reset request email in your inbox and click the 'Click Here' link: If you are not seeing the password reset email in your inbox, try these troubleshooting tips. Enter the new password and click 'Reset Password': Log in with your new password
  • How to change your password?
    Open your Account Click the 'Change your password' link under the 'Profile' section: Fill in the form and click 'Update Password':
  • How to edit your profile information?
    Open your Account Click on 'Edit your profile' under the Profile section: Change any information you want then click 'Update Profile' at the bottom.
  • How to update your credit card?
    Open your Account, Click the "Update credit card" link under the "Billing" section. Enter your new card information and click "Update Credit Card".
  • How to edit your email address?
    Open your Account Click the 'Change your email' link under Profile: Fill in the form and click 'Update Email': You will see an email confirmation message popup appear: Open the email in your inbox and click the 'Click Here' link to confirm the change:
  • How to view your charge history?
    Open your Account Click the 'View charge history' link under the 'Billing' section:
  • How to log out?
    Open your Account Click the 'Log out' link to logout of your account: After you log out, you will be automatically redirected to the website's home page.
  • How to cancel your subscription?
    Log in and open your Account Click the 'View or cancel plans' link under 'Billing': Click the 'Cancel subscription' link under the plan you want to cancel:
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